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You all are so amazing, we fail at keeping up with this. Thank you for sticking with us :) Love you! -Jennifer and Brianna

Jan 15

Sorry Sweatpeas

Sorry we haven’t been on. We’ve both had school (Bri’s a senior this year ahhhhh) and life and other dramas. Hopefully our schedules will free up and we’ll be able to post more.

I am currently working a few things (imagines and then something for a book I’m writing) Hopefully soon we’ll be able to get everything caught up. thank you all for being so amazing and wonderful. We love you and truly do appreciate your follows and your kind words. 

-Jennifer (And Bri, but she’s sleeping)

sunflowersandboybands asked: Thank you for following me ily

You’re welcome :) We love you as well. Would’ve followed sooner, but school and life -.- 

Nov 18

clothes-shoes-and-makeup asked: Ok so I unfollwed you and refollowed you on my other blog popcuture2013love(.)tumblr(.)com

We will follow you :) if we aren’t following for some reason let us know and we will follow back

hump-the-hemmings asked: Thanks for a follow darlings :)

Anytime :)

Thank You

First, thank you to everyone I reblogged the songs from. You are amazing and everyone should follow them. :)

Second, thank you to the wonderful followers we have :) We fail at getting on (school -.-) but hopefully we will be around more. Please send in requests and we will gladly fulfill them :)

Much Love, 

Jennifer and Brianna

Story Of My Life

Best Song Ever

Something Great

Little White Lies


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